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A nice testimonial from a coworker

Guess I did OK after all.

I recently switched jobs from the startup where I was employed as a software developer for about a year and a half.

My coworkers sent thoughtful goodbye messages, but I liked Alex's the best:


I never felt under-appreciated at that job, but it's nice seeing it put into one place like this.

Here's an overview of my contributions to that company:

  • completely rebuilt the mobile application from the ground up
    • React Native+Expo, Apollo GraphQL, Socket.IO
  • automated whitelabelled deployment and builds for mobile apps
    • Expo and some Bash scripts, and eventually Github Actions
  • moved into the back end, introduced automated unit and integration testing
    • Node, Express, Mongo, Jest, Github Actions for CI
  • designed and implemented a timesheet approval feature, a customizable-per-tenant user onboarding flow, and a ton more features
    • React, React Native, GraphQL and mostly-REST APIs on that Node/Express/Mongo back end
  • picked up devops skills and helped manage the software release cycle
    • Azure, Docker, Github Actions
  • promoted to Senior Software Developer after a year, conducted code reviews and mentored more junior colleagues

I'm a little sad to be leaving behind the relationships I'd built there, but the team is in great shape even without me.

Now, onto the next chapter!

Andy Tran

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